North Carolina Awards Nominations

Nominations for the 2017 North Carolina Awards are now open.

Submit a Nomination Online

The Nomination Process and Eligibility

Nominations will be accepted both online and by mail. Anyone can submit a nomination. Nominees are recognized in the categories of fine arts, literature, public service and science, and must meet three criteria:

  • Recipients must have made significant, documented contributions to the State of North Carolina in one of the awards categories.
  • Recipients must have been born in North Carolina or, if originally from elsewhere, must be current residents of North Carolina.
  • Recipients must agree to attend the awards presentation to receive the award.

Review Process

Awards recipients are chosen by the North Carolina Awards Committee, a selection committee of five (5) members appointed by the Governor. The Committee reviews the nominations and may select one or more nominees in each of the four (4) categories. At the Committee’s discretion, a nominee may be moved to a different category than originally nominated. Factors considered in the selection process include:

  • Span and scope of career
  • Voluntary public service
  • Legacy of work
  • Current projects
  • Awards and honors

Nominations for the 2016 cycle are currently under review. Winners will be announced in the late summer or early fall.

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