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Kids Learning about the French and Indian War at Fort Dobbs

Our name pretty much says it all. We produce insightful and useful resources, and we have a lot of them.

To you get the most of our vast educational products and make it easy for you to find exactly what you need, we developed a tool that puts all of our online resources in one place and makes them all searchable. Using this tool you can browse our educational resources by:

  • appropriate grade level
  • the agency that produced it
  • time period
  • topic
  • type of resource (i.e. article, field trip guide, video)

Our portal includes all the educational resources that are available online and produced by the: 

  • N.C. Arts Council
  • N.C. Museum of Art, and SECCA, its regional affiliate
  • N.C. Museum of History, and its six regional affiliates
  • N.C. Symphony
  • North Carolina's state historic sites
  • N.C. State Historic Preservation Office
  • Office of Archives
  • Office of State Archaeology 
  • State Archives
  • State Library


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