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Welcome To North Carolina History Day

North Carolina History DayNorth Carolina History Day is a program designed to promote interest in history among students and to assist teachers in teaching history more effectively. The program will help students develop skills in historical research, analysis, critical thinking, organization, and presentation, as well as improve reading and writing skills. Students use these skills to design an exhibit, write a paper, produce a documentary, create a performance, or develop a web site centered around the annual theme. The History Day program also provides teachers with curriculum materials and training opportunities.

At district, state, and national history competitions judges review the students' work and provide constructive comments. In North Carolina, the state contest is administered by the Office of Archives and History with substantial assistance from the North Caroliniana Society, the North Carolina Society of the Cincinnati, and the Federation of North Carolina Historical Societies. National History Day in North Carolina is affiliated with National History Day.  

Fundraiser to Benefit National History Day in North Carolina!

Come to Carillon Assisted Living of North Raleigh for an Antique Road Extravaganza on September 13, 2014, to help support National History Day in North Carolina! Carillon is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Federation of N.C. Historical Societies, which co-sponsors NHD in NC. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Federation, which will use the money to support NHD in NC.

During the Antique Road Extravaganza on September 13, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., you can find out if your family heirloom is worth a small fortune to others, or is simply priceless to you. You can have your item evaluated by a professional antique appraiser/dealer. Tickets are $25 per item to be evaluated; limit two tickets per person.

Advance purchase of tickets is recommended; to buy tickets, please call Carillon Assisted Living at (919) 876-6316 or call the state coordinator of NHD in NC, Laura Ketcham, at (919) 807-7395.

For more information, including information on what items can be evaluated, click here.