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Teachers: How to Get Started with NHD

We welcome your interest! To get started with NHD, please get in touch with the state coordinator by emailing Laura.Ketcham@ncdcr.gov or calling 919-807-7395. The coordinator can put you in touch with the district coordinator for your region and can share resources with you. If you would like someone to visit your school, either the state coordinator or the district coordinator may be able to come to your school to talk to your students or to your fellow teachers about the program.

The Teacher Toolkit offers some suggestions for starting a History Day program, including a classroom calendar, suggested steps, information about district contests, thesis worksheets, tips for improving bibliographies, and links to other resources. This is a very basic introduction that cannot take the place of the Guide sold by the national office, but it can be a good place to get started.

The national office of National History Day offers useful books for sale on such topics as how to create an exhibit, website, documentary, research paper, and performance as well as a book designed specifically to help teachers use National History Day in the classroom. A Guide to Historical Research Through the National History Day Program was written by a team of ten veteran NHD teachers who provide their best practices in supporting student research. The book is formatted to take teachers step-by-step through a school year, from topic selection to research presentation. More information can be found by going to www.nhd.org and clicking on “Store” (http://www.nhd.org/cart).

Be sure to visit the national website, www.nhd.org, for additional teacher resources, sample student projects, tips for students, and more.

Important Note: New NHD Rule Book for 2014-15!

Please note that National History Day has revised the rule book. Your students must use this new rule book for 2014-15. Please click here for the new rule book.

You can find a list of some of the important rule changes here.

Useful Webinars on NHD Resources

Be sure to visit http://www.nhd.org/Webinars.htm for archived copies of webinars offered by National History Day and to learn about upcoming webinars. 

Sign Up for Monthly NHD Newsletter for Teachers

The national office of National History Day offers a monthly newsletter for teachers featuring resources and news. To be added to the national email list to receive newsletters and other teacher information from the national office, email Lynne O’Hara at Lynne@nhd.org. Click here to see a sample monthly newsletter.

Apply for Chance to Study World War II in Europe

NHD has announced an exciting partnership with the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (CHNM) and the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). This partnership will allow 18 middle and high school teachers across disciplines to study the experiences of America's World War II soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines across Northern Europe. The program will also allow teachers to study this phase of World War II, engage in scholarly readings and discussions with experts and peers, and develop multimedia, multi-disciplinary lesson plans to help teachers and students around the world understand the service and sacrifice of America's armed forces.

In July 2015, teachers will follow the path of the armed forces from England and France, to Belgium and the Netherlands.  Teachers will visit six ABMC cemeteries to honor individuals from their home states who sacrificed their lives in the war.  

Interested?  Click for more details and to apply! Application deadline: Friday, September 5, 2014.

NHD Debuts World War I Teaching Resource

To commemorate the centennial of World War I, NHD collaborated with HISTORY® and the World War I Centennial Commission.  The partnership resulted in new resources that bring the events of World War I into a modern context. The resource begins with essays that look at World War I from various global perspectives. Master NHD teachers from around the world have written 17 high-quality, common core and C3-linked lesson plans that incorporating primary source documents that are accessible online. Most importantly, these lessons are available electronically and can be customized by the teacher to meet the needs of his or her students.  

To begin viewing and downloading resources go to: http://www.nhd.org/WWI.htm

Noodle Tools Available to Help Students with Research

As a result of an exclusive partnership between NHD and NoodleTools, enrolled NHD teachers can provide NoodleTools to student applicants working on NHD projects. Designed by educators, NoodleTools is an online platform that promotes authentic research and original writing. Integrated tools for note-taking and outlining, source evaluation and citation support students' critical and creative thinking. Mentor-teachers can monitor student progress and provide targeted feedback.

As the selected research platform for National History Day, NoodleTools is offered without charge to NHD participants, for the specific and sole purpose of creating National History Day projects during the NHD season. Click HERE for more information and the link to sign up your school.


LESSON PLANS (in PDF format):

19th Amendment
North Carolinians Take a Stand on Ratification of the 19th Amendment

Early Exploration
Cultural Encounters and the Exchanges that Occurred

Gilded Age Resources for Teachers
Primary Sources and Activities for Studying the Guilded Age in North Carolina

Events Leading to the Civil War in North Carolina

The Speaker Ban Law
Striking a Balance: Rights and Responsibilities

World War I Letters

Casualties of the Great War

The Great Depression