DNCR offers a variety of professional internship opportunities located across the state and available to undergraduate or graduate levels in various disciplines. Our divisions seek to engage students and advance the practical education of students interested in our career opportunities.  Internships may be either paid or unpaid depending on the program and division.

North Carolina State Government Internship Program, through the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office (YAIO) under Department of Administration

Our Department participates in the State of North Carolina Internship Program providing a compensated experiential opportunity that integrates education, career development and public service.  Qualified students in a full range of academic majors are selected for internships in North Carolina State Government agencies. Our agency submits project proposals annually through this program to provide substantive and career-relevant learning experiences.

For more information: https://ncadmin.nc.gov/advocacy/youth-advocacy-involvement-office/state_of_north_carolina_internship_program

Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office 2018 Internship Program Application Period is Closed

Division Specific Internship Opportunities

Some Divisions offer internship opportunities utilizing various programs and funded through additional sources.  Further, several divisions have unpaid opportunities working in collaboration with local colleges and universities that have correlating programs to the areas of operation.  Each division manages these independently.  Interested candidates can find information related to these opportunities on the division websites found at https://www.ncdcr.gov/ or by contacting divisions directly.

Museum of Art: http://ncartmuseum.org/get_involved/interns/

Museum of Natural Sciences: http://naturalsciences.org/support/internships

Aquarium on Roanoke Island: http://www.ncaquariums.com/roanoke-island-internships

Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores: http://www.ncaquariums.com/pine-knoll-shores-students

Aquarium at Fort Fisher: http://www.ncaquariums.com/fort-fisher-internships

HBCU/MIHE Summer Internship Program: https://www.ncdcr.gov/hbcumihe-summer-internship-program

Candidates seeking additional information should contact human resources at employment@ncdcr.gov.