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Columbus County, located in the Coastal Plain region of southeastern North Carolina, was formed in 1808 from Brunswick and Blade Counties and named for explorer Christopher Columbus. It partially borders the state of South Carolina. Early inhabitants of Columbus County include the Waccamaw Indians, followed by English, French, and Scottish settlers. The county seat, Whiteville, was incorporated in 1832 and named for James B. White, who was the first state senator from Columbus County. Other communities in Columbus County are Acme-Delco, Brunswick, Fair Bluff, and Tabor City.

Discover a rich history, wild and scenic rivers, the magic of Lake Waccamaw. Discover one of the most beautiful parts of Southeastern North Carolina by canoe or kayak, bicycle or car. Attend one of Columbus County’s many festivals, learn about railroad history and Southern life, or enjoy almost any type of outdoor recreation, including golf, sailing and fishing.

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Lake Waccamaw

At nearly 9,000 acres, North Carolina’s largest bay lake is the crown jewel of Columbus County. Thousands of unique geologic features called Carolina Bays dot the southeastern United States. They resemble swamps and wetlands from the ground, but from the air they are all oval shapes and oriented in the same direction. How they formed is a mystery.