The Gift of Family History

Researchers use the genealogy collection at the Government and Heritage Library

A familiar question often rings out after days of togetherness at the holidays: “What can we do for fun?” 

And, after holiday bills, many are looking for something free to do as a family. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll offer some suggestions on how to “Make History This Holiday."

Suggestion One: Assemble Your Family Tree

Use holiday time together to record family stories, recipes, and other memories, as well as plan for summer family reunions. If there is a veteran in the family, the State Archives has a list of questions that can help the guide the interview. For more information, contact Military Archivist Sion Harrington at (919) 807-7314, or    

The Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina has an extensive Genealogy Collection. The collection contains family histories, published abstracts, periodicals, county histories, and reference materials, as well as census records, an assortment of electronic databases, and vast microfilm collections.

The collection is located in Archives & History/State Library building, at 109 East Jones St., in downtown Raleigh. Check out the State Library's website for more information on visiting the collection.

More Resources for Getting Going with Your Genealogy Project

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