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Civil War Roster Index Now Available Online

Our Historical Publications Section has recently made a cumulative master index of the first 18 volumes of "North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster" available online. This index, which contains about 115,000 names of North Carolinians who served in the Civil War, can help you discover more about your Tar Heel ancestors who fought in that conflict. Work on "North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster" began in 1961 with the purpose of researching, compiling and publishing service records for every North Carolinian who served in the Civil War. To date, 18 of a projected 22 volumes have been published. A bit about the roster:

  • The rosters in each volume are arranged numerically by regiment or battalion and alphabetically by company.
  • Each roster is preceded by a unit history giving information about where it was raised and how it was designated
  • Officers and enlisted men are listed in separate sections alphabetically by surname.
  • Each name is followed by a service record that includes information such as the soldier's county of birth and residence; his age and occupation at time of enlistment; promotions; whether he was wounded, captured or killed; and whether he deserted or died of disease.

This online cumulative index contains an entry for each man listed in the series. Each entry includes the volume number and page number where his service record is listed or where he is otherwise mentioned. It does not list company and regiment. The index database also contains entries for all the persons, places and military units mentioned in the histories. Most public and academic libraries hold volumes of the "North Carolina Troops" series. Individual volumes and copies of individual pages from those volumes can be purchased from Historical Publications.


I am sure this will make a great resource for anyone looking for their ancestors from N.C. that may have fought in this war.

We think so too! Thanks for your comment!

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