Historic Halifax, a Public-Private Partnership

On June 23, 1954, 150 people met to organize a non-profit association to save, restore and preserve historic sites in Halifax. The group came to operate under the title of the Historical Halifax Restoration Association.

The historic area in Halifax saw capital improvements in 1955 and 1956, with a $3,000 grant made by the state to the association, which, in turn, purchased the town’s Old Jail, refurbished it and established a museum in the facility. After years of collaboration between the association and the state, Historic Halifax was designated a state historic site in 1965. Over the next four years, the Restoration Association transferred about 25 acres of land to the state. In 1970, Historic Halifax became the state’s first National Register of Historic Places listing.

Sixty years later, the Historical Halifax Restoration Association is still in existence and lends support to the Historic Halifax State Historic Site. With combined efforts, the area continues to grow with the restoration of buildings within the area.

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