Our Black History Month Bucket List

February is Black History Month, and there’s so much to do across the Tar Heel State to celebrate. Here are eight things we have on our bucket list this month that you should try, too:

1. Step back in time to and “meet” a few members of North Carolina’s 1868 first black caucus at the State Capitol in Raleigh.




2. Discover North Carolina’s rich African American music tradition with the African American Music Trails of Eastern North Carolina.




3. Browse through the hundreds of photographs, bible records, genealogies, legal documents and other primary materials related to African American life and civil rights available online through the North Carolina Digital Collections.




4. Visit one of the several state historic sites that have strong African American stories to tell.




5. Explore the work of Minnie Evans, Romare Bearden and other noted African American artists at the N.C. Museum of Art.


BEARDEN, New Orleans Ragging Home, 95_3


6. Take a tour of Historic Edenton as seen through the eyes of well-known abolitionist and author Harriet Jacobs.




7. Get a broad overview or dive deep into a specific topic of African American historyin North Carolina with a book from North Carolina Historical Publications.




8. Discover the stories of your African American ancestors with an index of online resources and workshop offered by the State Library.



Be sure and check out the Black History Month page on our website for more great resources and events related to Black History Month.

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