Betty Debnam and the “Mini Page”

The first issue of the Mini Page. Image from UNC-Chapel Hill.On August 29, 1969, the News and Observer published the first issue of the “Mini Page.”

From its first appearance in the Raleigh newspaper in 1969 to its final publication in 2007, the “Mini Page” engaged children through fun and educational activities. Through the paper, kids could be like adults, reading their own page in the newspaper and learning at the same time.

Created by UNC graduate, News and Observer editor and former elementary school teacher Betty Debnam, the “Mini Page” quickly took off. In 1970, the Charlotte News became the first paper outside of Raleigh to publish the section; and national syndication followed in 1977. At its peak, the “Mini Page” appeared weekly in more than 500 newspapers weekly.

Debnam was the section’s sole staff member for many years, writing and editing all the content and laying the feature out, though she did eventually have two staff members come on board. During her time with the publication, she wrote several “Mini Page” companion books and won numerous awards including the Newspaper Association of America’s first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Debnam sold the “Mini Page” in 2007, but every issue is now available online for free through UNC-Chapel Hill’s digital collections.

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