The Top "This Day" Posts of 2015


The year 2015 was a great one for our This Day in North Carolina History project. Views on the project topped 250,000, a 57% increase over 2014.

To celebrate, here are top 10 posts of the previous year:


On November 30, 1963, a Dallas County switchboard operator attempted to call Raleigh numbers for JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. The Carolina connection to the case remains a mystery.


Six “Regulators” were hanged in Hillsborough on June 19, 1771. The hangings came two months after the Battle of Alamance.


North Carolina formally gave six western counties to the Continental Congress on December 22, 1789. The area was briefly the independent state of Franklin, but would become party of Tennessee in the next decade.


Ellen Smith was murdered by Peter DeGraff at the Zinzendorf Hotel in Winston-Salem on July 20, 1892. The dramatic case gained national fame from a popular turn-of-the-century folk ballad.


Notorious pirate Blackbeard was killed at Ocracoke Inlet on November 22, 1718 by soldiers sent by the governor of Virginia.


The Category Four storm Hurricane Hazel made landlfall on Brunswick County’s beaches on October 15, 1954. The storm was among the worst of the 20th century.


The town of Old Fort rededicated the once nationally-known Andrews Geyser on this day in May 6, 1976.


A Works Progress Administration worker described seeing an iceberg the size of small island off the Salter Path coast on January 30, 1940.


After being arrested for the murder of Randolph County woman Naomi Wise on April 8, 1808, Jonathan Lewis escaped to Ohio. A folk ballad was inspired by the case.


On October 21, 1851, rival mountain legislators shot it out in a Morganton courtroom over an estate dispute.

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