Movember Motivation From the North Carolina Archives

Brandon Goins

It is finally November, which heralds the arrival of Movember, the annual month-long celebration of men's facial hair. 

By this time, most men who are participating in Movember should be well on their way to sporting the most glorious beards and mustaches of the year. For any person searching for inspiration or even motivation to keep on growing, I have personally poured over the North Carolina State Archive's photo collection to find the most glorious examples of facial hair in North Carolina History!

Continue and be amazed, but first:

Facial hair definitely gives a man "cool points," however, No Shave November is not just about men all over the world strutting their 'staches. Movember is also a chance to bring awareness to men's health. On average, men die five years earlier than women for reasons that can easily be avoided by paying more attention to their health, mental and physical. The Movember Foundation claims that more than four times as many men as women die by suicide in the United States. A Duke University study posits that a quarter of all men do not have close friends by middle age, which Men's Health suggests is a factor in physical and mental health decline. For more information and resources on physical and mental health, for men and women, check out the links at the end of the post!

Now let's take a look at some of the hairiest men I could find in the archives. 

Antonio Leo Dughi was apparently a well-decorated man, both physically and politically. However, I wouldn't recommend replicating this style today. 

Oscar Kennedy is sporting a classic. You can't go wrong with this one. 

This unidentified gentleman is going with the classic as well and throwing on a stylish hat to complement. A look that any modern man could sport this month.

This man is also unidentified by the State Archives. He may have the coolest facial hair out of the bunch. If you can grow this in a month, you win Movember. 

This man is handsome, and probably very smart and established, even though his nose and moustache look like they are just a part of his glassses, which he bought at a joke store. 

Regardless, he and everyone else pictured here, can grow better facial hair than I can (which is hardly difficult considering I can’t grow any).

Hopefully, these men were enough to get you inspired to grow the coolest beard in town. Share this post if you know any men who would look good sporting any of these looks!


More information on the November Foundation for Men’s Health: