Our Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

Kaytee Smith

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1. Bo Time Began in 1977 

The restaurant has been enormously popular, achieving near legendary status across the Southeast. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal named Bojangles one of only eight restaurant franchises in its elite “25 Franchise High performers,” and today Bojangles boasts more than 500 stores in 10 states, Washington, D.C. and two foreign nations.

2. North Carolina WWI County Induction Lists Online

As part of its two-year World War I digitization project, the State Archives of North Carolina has recently completed a project to scan and make available online a collection of World War I North Carolina county military induction lists. 

3. Legendary Percy Flowers, “King of the Moonshiners”

On August 2, 1958, the Saturday Evening Post profiled Percy Flowers of Johnston County, labeling him the “King of the Moonshiners.” 

4. Mystery of the Dare Stones

On November 14, 1937, a team of Emory University professors revealed the transcription of a message carved on a rock discovered by Louis Hammond in Chowan County earlier that year.

5. Jockey’s Ridge Patron Saint, Carolista Baum

On August 15, 1973, Carolista Fletcher Baum placed herself in the path of a bulldozer removing sand from Jockey’s Ridge and refused to move. 

6. “Babe” Ruth Gets His Nickname in Fayetteville

On March 7, 1914, George Herman Ruth Jr. hit his first home run as a professional baseball player and gained the nickname “Babe” in Fayetteville.