10 Reasons You Need The "This Day In North Carolina History" Book

Brandon Goins

This day in North Carolina History is one of the most popular blogs on the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources site! Now you can bring the blog home with you in the form of a beautifully illustrated coffee table book. This book is a great gift and a great addition to your home! Here are ten reasons why you need this book! Afterward, head over to UNC Press to purchase your copy today!

1. It has all of your favorite things.

Bojangles, Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme, this book has information on all of the staples of North Carolina fast food culture.

2. Discover what happened on your special day.

"This Day in North Carolina History" highlights every day of the year as a special day in our state's history. Learn what event happened on your birthday! Or your anniversary! Or your mom's birthday! Or even National Hotdog Day!

3. Be the North Carolina history buff of your friends.

"This Day in North Carolina History" will help you impress your friends and family. At your next holiday dinner, you can out "well actually" your cousin in all things North Carolina. 

4. It's beautiful.

This coffee table book has a beautifully illustrated cover. If you don't have a coffee table, you may want to buy one just to feature this book in your living room. 

5. Because you love the blog anyway.

"This Day in North Carolina History" is the most popular DNCR blog. And now you can share it with your grandmother who is afraid of the internet and, until now, could not experience the blog. 

6. It's a great gift for your loved ones and acquaintances alike.

Don't know what to get your grandmother? She would love this book! Don't know what to get your boss? They would also love this book! 

7. It is a great book for all ages.

You and your family can sit around the fire and tell stories and learn about North Carolina history together. That is what the holidays are truly about... North Carolina.

8.  Win at Trivia.

What is trivia mastery but stuffing your head with as much random information about any given thing and biding your time until the opportunity strikes to show it off? 

9. It's full of photos you've never seen.

Not only is this book loaded with historical facts, but it is also filled with photos and images that you may have never seen.  

10. Because you love North Carolina!

This one doesn't need an explanation. Buy your copy now!