Summer Reading List 2019: Young Adults

Brandon Goins

The official start to Summer is just around the corner, and with it brings the perfect opportunity to get in some good reads. In the spirit of the Collaborative Summer Library Program's theme "A Universe of Stories," here's ten suggestions to get started. Ready? 3...2...1...blastoff! Also, check out our blog on adult reading recommendations!





Maggot Moon 

by Sally Gardner

This Dystopian fiction novel by Sally Gardner is a dark journey through an alternate 1950's England run by a totalitarian government led by Standish Treadwell, a teen struggling with his disability. Treadwell's journey to take action against his oppressive government is brutal and heartbreaking but altogether inspiring.  







by Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer's science fiction fantasy proves that the Cinderella story truly is timeless. Androids, a vicious stepmother, a handsome prince, and a violent evil queen. The fate of the galaxy is in the capable hands of this cyborg mechanic turned heroine. Cinder's story continues in The Lunar Chronicles. 





Rocket Science for the Rest of Us: Cutting-Edge Concepts Made Simple

by Ben Gilliland

It's not rocket science... well, actually that's exactly what this is. This is an entry-level guide to black holes, quantum physics, antimatter, and more! Ben Gilliland takes some of the most complex and cutting edge scientific concepts and makes them palatable for anyone interested. Pick this up in time to test the veracity your favorite summer sci-fi blockbusters!






In the Shadow of the Moon: The
Science, Magic, and Mystery of
Solar Eclipses

by Anthony Aveni

Anthony Aveni takes readers through a deep dive into the science and history of Solar Eclipses and the ways that these cosmic events have factored into human history. If you are interested in learning about the history of eclipses and the people who have studied them throughout history this is your guide!







by Ashley Poston

This spin on the Cinderella story follows Elle, a young sci-fi fanatic, in her bid to win tickets to a Cosplay Ball. She's going to need to bring her cosplay A-game if she's going to win access to the meet and greet with the teen actor playing the prince in the film adaptation of Starfield, her favorite sci-fi series.. 






Urban Astronomy: Stargazing
from Towns & Suburbs

by Robin Scagell

Interested in stargazing but don't know how to start? With Robin Scagell's guide, you will learn how to make the best out of stargazing despite light pollution, which can affect even the most remote fields. 






To the Moon!: The True Story
of the American Heroes on the
Apollo 8 Spaceship

by Jeffrey Kluger and Ruby Shamir

A year before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down in 1969, the first manned spacecraft made it to the moon's orbit and back. Relive history in this retelling of first voyage to the moon on the Apollo 8 in 1968.