8 Things to do at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores this Summer

Ebony Duell, Intern - NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

Enjoy 50 exhibits and more than 4,000 animals as the NC Aquarium takes you on an aquatic journey from the mountains to the sea. Watch river otters play, touch a stingray and talk to divers as they swim among giant sharks and other marine life. Here are eight things you can pick from on your next visit! 


1.    Stand Up Paddle Boarding 
Every Monday and Tuesday starting June 3rd join the paddle boarding from 9 a.m.. to 11 a.m. Participants have the chance to learn about plants and animals who live in the Roosevelt Natural Area. All participants must be ages 6 and up, all children must be accompanied by an adult.


2.    Behind The Scenes
Visitors of the aquarium can also have time up close with the animals from each exhibit such as the Otters, Sharks, and Birds. Visitors are invited to feed, hold, and assist in caring for animals. Behind The Scenes, tours take place Monday through Sunday at various times. All participants must be from ages 5 and up.

3.    Eagle Exhibit
The Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is proud to announce the grand opening of Eagle Landing this summer. Eagle Landing will be the home of to two non-releasable bald eagles. Uwohali who is from the Cape Fear Raptor Center in Rocky Point and Shagoie Watha who is from Tree House Wildlife Center in Dow, Illinois. The grand opening of Eagle Landing is this July the 4th.


4.    The Living Shipwreck Exhibit
Explore The Living Shipwreck Exhibit, the largest manmade ocean habitat in North Carolina. The exhibit consists of a Green Sea Turtle, Spadefish, Nurse sharks, Sand Tiger sharks, Crevalle Jack, and many others. Visitors can also have a chance to see Nimbus,  a sea turtle who lives in The Living Shipwreck. Nimbus is a loggerhead turtle at the aquarium who was found in a nest evacuation in Pine Knoll Shores. Although Nimbus lacks normal pigmentation he is not considered to be albino. 

5.    Paddle Boating
Visitors ages 8 and up can get a chance to explore the tidal flats for 2 hours. Explore the quiet backwaters while getting a sense of the natural environment. Every Tuesday from 9 am to 11 am visitors can go canoeing or kayaking. 


6.    Fishing

On Thursday mornings visitors of the aquarium can go fishing from 8 am until 11 am. Participants can spend 3 hours learning how to catch fish with hands-on instructions. All participants must be at least 10 years of age and all tools are provided.


7.    Loggerhead Odyssey Exhibit

Visitors can have the chance to meet the sea turtles being rehabilitated at the aquarium and learn about different ways sea turtles are affected by pollution. Visitors can also stop by Caretta’s Cove where they can meet Caretta the sea turtle and get a chance to talk and interact with Caretta through a digital puppetry theater.

8.    Sea Turtle Trek

Every Thursday and Sunday evening from 7 until 9 pm visitors of the aquarium can visit after hours to learn more about the aquariums Sea Turtle conservations efforts. Participants ages 5 and up can spend time behind the scenes getting to know the Sea Turtle ambassadors. Afterward, participants can head over to the beach where they’ll look for Sea Turtle nest.