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Lights Out for Summer Solstice at the NCMA

Brandon Goins

In celebration of the summer solstice, the North Carolina Museum of Art turned off the track lights in their West Building Galleries. During a lunch break field trip I captured some of my favorite sculptures from the galleries on 35mm film. The composition of the photographs take advantage of the available natural light. The way the light plays off of each piece is reminiscent of the way they would have been seen by their sculptors. 

The abundance of natural lighting the windows in the West Building provide is truly inspiring. Lights Out for Summer Solstice is an incredible green way to re-experience the pieces you love from the permanent collection. 

Plan your trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art today or visit the NCMA online to learn more about the pieces photographed here. 

Most images shown are from the Classical Collection (with a couple of honorable mentions sneaking in at the end). Learn more about this and other permanent collections here