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Coffee and Conversation || Café y Conversación

Event Description

Understanding our history is key to understanding current events. That’s why we think President Polk’s war, the Mexican-American War, is a key aspect of our history that is more important than ever in our current political climate. Taking a closer look at this conflict shows that while the events that occurred from 1845-1849 are often overshadowed by the those of that came before and after, they were of momentous importance to Mexican-American relations, westward expansion, growing tensions between North and South, and more. 

What do you know about this war? How was it portrayed in school? Did you learn about it at all? How is the war viewed differently in Mexico? We want to hear from you!

Come give your input, have y our voice heard, and contribute to the mission of the President James K. Polk State Historic Site. Attendees will tour the museum and then give feedback on our current exhibit and make suggestions for improvements. We also want to hear what types of programming, speakers, and events our neighbors and patrons want to see. We will thank you for sharing your thoughts with a a selection of fresh hot coffee and a small assortment of breakfast items.

Registration is requested so that we know how many materials to have on hand for attendees. Click Here to Register