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Descendants Gathering "Liberty to make our Grievances Known

Event Description

Only minor conflict had occurred in the backcountry, until early 1768, when an association of Regulators was formed. Join us for a special opportunity to learn more about the people involved in the War of the Regulation. Descendants of Regulators, Militia, and Allen family are invited to exchange stories and share genealogy research pertaining to the 1771 Battle of Alamance. There will be guest speakers and living history marking 250 years since the crucial events of 1768 and 1769. This event is free and open to the public. The Clapp Family Association will have food available for purchase.

PROGRAM SCHEDULE – VISITORS CENTER 10 a.m. – James Pugh, Regulator Sharpshooter: A Conundrum Unfolded, Dr. Stephen Compton, Local Historian and Collector       11 a.m. – The Regulator Landscape: Mapping the World of the Regulators, Mark Chilton, Orange County Register of Deeds        1 p.m. - Making the Most of Your DNA Testing Investment, Larry Cates, Local Historian and Genealogist         2 p.m. - 1768 in the Backcountry: What Was Happening, Where and Why? Dr. Carole Troxler, Elon University         3 p.m. – Some Ways to the Battleground: Likely Roads Used by Regulators, Tom Magnuson, Trading Path Association 

LIVING HISTORY – JOHN ALLEN LOG HOME 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – The Healer’s Calling: Women & Medicine in the Backcountry Shannon Walker, Historic Interpreter, Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson