Fall Fairs & Festivals

Fall in North Carolina brings beautiful weather, changing leaves and a multitude of outdoor fairs and festivals to celebrate the season. From the annual tradition of the North Carolina State Fair to Wide Open Bluegrass to local county fairs and festivals, autumn is a perfect time to celebrate everything our state has to offer, from local foods to traditional music.

We’ve put together a tour of fall fairs and festivals across the state. Whether you’re looking for carnival rides and games, arts and crafts or outdoor music -- or if you’re just here for the food -- you’re sure to find something in the list below that strikes your fancy.

As always, if your favorite event didn’t make it on our list, please let us know.

DNCR at the NC State Fair

Aarrgh mateys! Head over to the Dorton Arena lobby during this year’s State Fair, Oct. 12-22, to learn about North Carolina’s most notorious pirate, Blackbeard, as we kick off the 300th anniversary of his exploits along the N.C. coast. You’ll be able to see a replica of Blackbeard’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, and join in on all the swashbuckling fun. Just be careful not to lose your head!

North Carolina State Parks, the N.C. Zoo, N.C. Historic Sites and the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences will be bringing their own brand of fun to the fair, in kiosks inside Dorton Arena and in a tent located outside the building. Be sure to stop by and discover our state’s amazing natural, cultural and historic resources – we’ve got them all, all in one place.

Find Fall Beauty in NC State Parks

If you want to savor the crisp fall weather and enjoy the vivid colors of changing leaves, you won't find a better place than in a North Carolina State Park. The brilliant annual show is at its best in these unspoiled natural areas.

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