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The Recreational Trails Program is a $1.5 million grant program funded by Congress with money from the federal gas taxes paid on fuel used by off-highway vehicles. This program's intent is to meet the trail and trail-related recreational needs identified by the Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. Grant funding is for trail planning, construction, maintenance, signs and related facilities.

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Special appropriations are funds appropriated to the Department from the General Fund by the General Assembly for transfer to local governments and nonprofit corporations for projects and purposes specified in the authorizing legislation. 

Provides funds to organizations to increase and enhance participation in the arts by linking the content of art programs they wish to produce with the interests and experiences of the audiences they wish to engage. Grant funds will be awarded to support strong artistic programs with clear audience goals. Audience goals can be designed to: broaden participation by attracting more people; diversify participation by attracting audiences different from those the organization is already attracting; deepen participation by increasing current participants'levels of involvement.

Technical Assistance provides funds to organizations to hire knowledgeable consultants to strengthen management and programs, sponsor workshops or conferences, develop a resource publication, or engage in community cultural planning. It also provides funds on a limited basis for staff members to attend workshops, conferences, or short-term training programs. New Realities Program provides long-term assistance to organizations interested in addressing the challenges of a fast-changing environment for the arts. The program is conducted by Nello McDaniel of Arts Action Research.

The Arts in Education Program provides support to schools and nonprofit organizations to strengthen the use of the arts in pre K-12 settings. We give priority to funding fees for professional artists to work in educational settings and collaborations between arts organizations and schools. Arts in Education grants are not intended to substitute for a school's arts education program and funds cannot be used for permanent arts education personnel.

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