Program Development

Provides funds to organizations to increase and enhance participation in the arts by linking the content of art programs they wish to produce with the interests and experiences of the audiences they wish to engage. Grant funds will be awarded to support strong artistic programs with clear audience goals. Audience goals can be designed to: broaden participation by attracting more people; diversify participation by attracting audiences different from those the organization is already attracting; deepen participation by increasing current participants'levels of involvement.

Funds are distributed according to a formula. The formula allocates 50 percent of the total Aid to Public Libraries appropriation as equal block grants to each eligible county library, plus an additional block grant to each regional library. Municipal libraries qualifying for funding do not receive block grants. The remaining 50 percent of the Aid to Public Libraries fund is allocated as per capita income equalization grants. Each eligible county, regional, and municipal library system receives a per capita grant that is inversely proportional to the local per capita income.

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