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Live! Manners Matter

Event Description

Join us for a LIVE! streaming event. Museum educators, curators, and special guests share some “stuff” from our past and “meet” people from our history who helped shape our present. We stream LIVE! from the museum’s exhibits and from history spots around the state. Join us via YouTube or Vimeo; viewers can ask questions during the program and we’ll answer them LIVE! 

Founded in 1902 by Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Palmer Memorial Institute transformed the lives of more than 2,000 African American students. And the Canary House, on the grounds of the school, was much more than Dr. Brown’s home. Recognizing that education continued outside of the classroom, Dr. Brown invited students, civil rights leaders, artists, and others to visit and socialize in this special place where politeness and grace were more than a “nice to have,” but a place where Manners Mattered. Join Jamie Jones, manager at the museum and historic site, and Museum of History educator Sally Bloom as we explore the life and influence of this amazing educator and leader.