Park Day at Historic Sites Update

Fort Fisher

Due to potentially inclement weather, two of the four state historic sites planning Park Day for April 7 have rescheduled. Park Day will go on at Historic Edenton and Fort Fisher April 7 as planned. Park Day at Bennett Place is rescheduled to April 14; Park Day at Bentonville Battlefield is rescheduled to April 28.

Thousands of volunteers across the country participate in the Civil War Trust organized event, and this year will be the largest ever involving more than 155 historic sites in 32 states.

Historic Edenton. Volunteers will help with cleaning, repairing and landscaping around the historic James Iredell property. Participants will receive a t-shirt, snacks and will be offered a tour of the James Iredell House. Call (252) 482-2637 or email for more information. 9 a.m.

Chowan County and eastern North Carolina’s contributions to the Civil War included men who were known as “The Edenton Bell Battery” because of bells melted from Edenton buildings to make equipment for the war effort.

Fort Fisher, Kure Beach. Volunteers will assist with painting artillery guns and carriages, cleaning brush, leaves and debris, picking up trash, weeding and trimming bushes. Lunch will be provided by the Friends of Fort Fisher. Call (910) 251-7340 or email, for information and to register. Meet at 1610 Ft. Fisher Blvd. South, Kure Beach, N.C. 8:30 a.m.

Fort Fisher was the last open port for the supply line to the Army of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and fell after a massive amphibious assault by the Union Army Jan. 15, 1865.

The Civil War Trust is a national nonprofit land preservation organization devoted to the protection of America’s hallowed battlegrounds. It saves the battlefields of the Civil War, the Revolutionary War and War of 1812, and educates the public about their importance in forging the nation we are today. To date, the Trust has preserved over 48,000 acres of battlefield land in 24 states. Learn more at