President Polk Site Presents Lesson on Old Southern Cooking


There can be a certain charm to cooking over an open fire, and participants in the Historic Cooking Class on the Old Southern Way of Cooking at President James K. Polk State Historic Site will have that experience. The workshop, Saturday, May 5, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., led by trained historic chef Cheryl Henry, will reconnect participants to the lives of women of centuries past. The fee is $60.

Not only will participants be introduced to the old style of cooking, but also to the old place. For many years, well-to-do families had the kitchen in a separate building behind the family home. This class will be held over the open hearth in the log kitchen house adjacent to the main family home.

The rustic environs of the log kitchen and the labor involved in preparing a meal with period tools over an open hearth will make the meal even sweeter. The prepared dishes will be enjoyed at the end of the class. Each participant will receive recipes and tips from Henry to take home to create their own traditions. 

The workshop will benefit operations at the historic site. Tickets are limited and must be purchased by May 4. Tickets are available at

For additional information call (704) 889-7145. President James K. Polk State Historic Site is within the Division of state Historic Sites of the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources. It is located at 12031 Lancaster Hwy., Pineville, N.C.  

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