Find the Truth at “Mythbusting Day: Historic House Myths” at Duke Homestead


Ever heard of a closet tax? Were people really shorter way back when? It’s time to break down all those common myths and misconceptions about historic houses and life in the 19th century. After your May 19 interactive tour of the Duke house, you’ll be an expert on what’s not true!

Through special guided tours, visitors will confront common misconceptions and myths that are often spread through hearsay, misinformation and tours at historic homes. There will be discussions of how such myths and ideas get started and perpetuated. Tours will feature period artifacts, costume pieces and other interactive elements to engage you with these myths in a first-hand experience!

“Mythbusting Day: Historic House Myths” will offer six tours, free of charge. Tours are at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. No ticket is necessary, just check in at the front desk.     

For more information about Mythbusting Day, please call (919) 627-6990, email, or visit

Duke Homestead is the historic home, farm, and factory buildings of Washington Duke and his family. The site interprets the lives of the Dukes as they lived in the historic home from 1852 until 1874. Duke Homestead is located at 2828 Duke Homestead Road, Durham, N.C. It is within the Division of State Historic Sites of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.