Exhibit on WWI and the Armistice at the State Capitol Through Nov. 30


To commemorate 100 years since the Armistice of World War I, a new exhibit in the State Capitol focuses on North Carolinians during the war. The exhibit features and is built around a personal journal on loan to the Capitol. The journal, written by college student Mabel Grant from 1918-1919, chronicles everyday life at East Carolina Teachers Training School – the predecessor to East Carolina University. While a student at the school, Mabel’s journal recounts details of her loved ones serving in the military, as well as her own efforts to help the war effort. 

On Nov. 11, 1918, Mabel read a newspaper headline in her school’s dining hall: “Worlds Wide War Ended.” She stated in her journal that the joyous reaction to the news was so loud “it would have been almost impossible to have heard a gun fire.” Don’t miss your chance to check out the exhibit, read Mabel’s journal, and learn more about North Carolina and the end of World War I! 

This exhibit will be available to the public in the State Capitol until Nov. 30. Public viewing hours are Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. There is no charge to see the exhibit. For more information, please contact Museum Curator Kara Deadmon at 919-715-3981. 

The State Capitol’s mission is to preserve and interpret the history, architecture and function of the 1840 building and Union Square. It is within the Division of State Historic Sites within the N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, and located at One Edenton Street, Raleigh. For additional information please call 919-733-4994 or visit www.nchistoricsites.org/capitol.  

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