HPO Staff

North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office 
Organization and Staff Roster

(as of January 4, 2021)

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Raleigh Office  919-814-6570 (Auto Attendant), Fax  919-814-6898
Physical address: 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh NC 27601 (second floor, east side, of the Cultural Resources Building)
Mailing address:  4617 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-4617
Fed Ex/UPS address: 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh NC 27601. 

Please see Visitation Policy for using files and maps at the State Historic Preservation Office


Ramona Bartos, Administrator and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, ramona.bartos@ncdcr.gov,  919-814-6583

Michele Patterson McCabe, Grants Coordinator, michele.patterson.mccabe@ncdcr.gov,  919-814-6582. 
-Coordinates federal Historic Preservation Fund grants and other preservation grants as they are available. (There are, unfortunately, no funds available for privately owned buildings.)

Dan Becker, Hurricane Grants Manager, dan.becker@ncdcr.gov,  919-814-6591. 
-Coordinates federal Emergency Supplemental Historic Preservation Fund grants. 

Kristi Brantley, Local Preservation Commission/CLG Coordinator, kristi.brantley@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6576
-Advises local governments in the establishment and operation of historic preservation commissions, coordinates the Certified Local Government program. 

Environmental Review Branch

-Coordinates review of federal and state undertakings to assess their potential effects on historic properties and districts. 

Renee Gledhill-Earley, Environmental Review Coordinator  renee.gledhill-earley@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6579
Katie Harville, Environmental Review Specialist  katie.harville@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6581
Devon Borgardt, Environmental Review Technician  devon.borgardt@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6586
Lori Townsend, Environmental Review Assistant lori.townsend@ncdcr.gov 919-814-6571
Currently vacant, Historic Preservation Specialist for Disaster Recovery

Survey and National Register Branch  

Link to branch web page and county assignments map
-Administers the statewide architectural survey and the National Register of Historic Places program for historic structures. Maintains a geographic information system for historic properties, including HPOWEB, an online map service. 

Sarah Woodard, Branch Supervisor  sarah.woodard@ncdcr.gov   919-814-6573
Jenn Brosz, National Register Coordinator  jenn.brosz@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6587
Julie Smith, National Register Assistant  julie.smith@ncdcr.gov 919-814-6597
Hannah Beckman-Black, National Register and Survey Specialist  hannah.beckman@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6577
Beth King, Architectural Survey Coordinator  elizabeth.king@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6580
Jeff Smith, Architectural Survey Specialist  jeff.smith@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6698
Chandrea Burch, Technical Assistant  chandrea.burch@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6593
Sharon Hope, Technical Assistant  sharon.hope@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6594
Andrew Edmonds, GIS Technical Support Analyst  andrew.edmonds@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6592


Restoration Services Branch

 Link to branch web page and county assignments map
-Provides technical restoration assistance to public and private owners of historic properties and assists owners seeking federal and state historic preservation investment tax credits. 
Mitch Wilds, Branch Supervisor  mitch.wilds@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6588
Tim Simmons, Senior Preservation Architect and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit Coordinator, Americans with Disabilities Act Review Coordinator)  tim.simmons@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6585
David Christenbury, Preservation Architect and State Rehabilitation Tax Credit Coordinator  david.christenbury@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6574
Jeff Adolphsen, Senior Restoration Specialist  jeff.adolphsen@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6572
Brett Sturm, Restoration Specialist  brett.sturm@ncdcr.gov  919-814-6589
Jannette Coleridge-Taylor, Historic Tax Credit Program Assistant  jannette.coleridge-taylor@ncdcr.gov 919-814-6590

Eastern Office  

252-830-6580 |  Fax  252-830-6583
Office location and mailing address: 117 West Fifth Street, Greenville NC 27858  

Scott Power, Regional Supervisor/Preservation Specialist  scott.power@ncdcr.gov  252-830-6580 x 226
Reid Thomas, Restoration Specialist  reid.thomas@ncdcr.gov  252-830-6580 x 222
John Wood, Restoration Specialist  john.p.wood@ncdcr.gov  252-830-6580 x 225
Stan Little, Administrative Assistant  stan.little@ncdcr.gov  252-830-6580 x 221

Western Office  

Link to office web page  828-250-3100
Office location and mailing address: 176 Riceville Road, Asheville NC 28805

Annie McDonald, Preservation Specialist  annie.mcdonald@ncdcr.gov  828-250-3112
Audrey Thomas, Survey Specialist  audrey.thomas@ncdcr.gov   828-250-3107
Jennifer Cathey, Restoration Specialist jennifer.cathey@ncdcr.gov  828-250-3113

Office of State Archaeology

The Office of State Archaeology (OSA) is a separate section within the Division of Historical Resources, N.C. Office of Archives and History. For staff contacts and other information, visit OSA at http://www.archaeology.ncdcr.gov . Offices are located in Archives/State Library Building at 109 E. Jones Street, Raleigh 27601. Mailing address:  4619 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-4619. 

The Underwater Archaeology Laboratory at Kure Beach is a branch of OSA. (tel. 910-458-9042; fax 910-458-4093). Mailing address: P.O. Box 58, Kure Beach, NC 28449