The Civil War in North Carolina

A Sketch of the Battle of Bentonville

The Civil War was a turning point in U.S. history and redefined our identity as Americans. The Tar Heel State was at the forefront of this war of brother against brother, and more troops came from North Carolina than other state.

From the Cherokee warriors of Thomas's Legion who fought for the Confederacy in the mountains to Malinda Blalock, one of the conflict's few known female soldiers to U.S. Colored Troops who fought for their freedom in the eastern part of the state, North Carolina has so many interesting Civil War stories to tell.

To help you dive deep into Tar Heel Civil War history and learn more about this important story in our state's history, we've produced a number of resources for you to explore.

35,000Number of North Carolina Civil War Dead North Carolina was at the forefront of the Civil War, sending more troops into battle than any other Southern state
1 MillionPeople Who Visited Our Civil War Sites in 2014 Despite the fact that the guns fells silent a century and half ago, interest in the Civil War remains strong today
977Primary Materials Available Online Read diaries from soldiers, pore through regimental histories and view old photographs our Civil War digital collection