NC Digs!

NC Digs features five types of archaeological sites in North Carolina—Native American, battlefield, plantation, trash pit, and industrial—along with a tool and technique important to excavating or analyzing each. In addition to 6 pop-up panels, a 7th interactive panel, entitled “Reading the Clues” will allow participants to delve further into learning about archaeologists’ tricks of the trade. A children’s archaeological dig and other activities, as well as encased artifacts from the Office of State Archaeology Lab, are available to accompany the exhibit.

Size: 6 retractable free-standing banners + 1 interactive panel on an easel with additional artifacts, props, and educational interactives. Duration of Exhibit: 8-12 weeks 

NOTE: this is an indoor exhibit only

The Division of Education and Outreach has created a series of traveling exhibits on a variety of topics. The exhibits are often accompanied by programming ideas, additional reading materials, and other tools to assist host institutions in sharing the great stories of our State.

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