North Carolina in the Great War

WWI nurse's uniform at WWI exhibit

Learn about North Carolina's contributions to the war effort with soldiers both abroad and the homefront. The exhibit shares information on the various military installations in the state, discusses U Boat activity off the coast in 1918, and seeks to put the war in context. The panels can be placed in any order or configuration and accompany two mannequins--a soldier dressed in full uniform with weapon and complete backpack and gear, and a Red Cross nurse, dressed in a ward dress, apron, and cap with veil. The complementary exhibit handbook contains more information on the war in North Carolina and suggestions for educational activities.

Size: 10 retractable free-standing banners with addition of a soldier mannequin, a nurse mannequin, props, and educational interactives. Duration of Exhibit: 8-12 weeks  

NOTE: this is an indoor exhibit only

The Division of Education and Outreach has created a series of traveling exhibits on a variety of topics. The exhibits are often accompanied by programming ideas, additional reading materials, and other tools to assist host institutions in sharing the great stories of our State.