The Department of Natural and Cultural Resources is a leading agency in a variety of job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for career opportunities within history, nature, library, archaeology (land and underwater), research, preservation, music, arts, recreation or law enforcement, we have positions in these fields.

The N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources oversees the state’s resources for the arts, history, libraries and nature. We are home to the state’s 27 historic sites, seven history museums, two art museums, two science museums, three aquariums, Jennette's Pier, 39 state parks and recreation areas, the N.C. Zoo, the N.C. Symphony, the State Library, the State Archives, the N.C. Arts CouncilState Preservation OfficeOffice of State Archaeology, the  African American Heritage Commission, and the Office of Land and Water Stewardship.

Our Department has positions available from the broad range of law enforcement Park Rangers to Museum Curators in history, art and natural science.  We have occupations like Environmental Specialist, Archaeologist, Museum Curator in history, art and natural science, Park Ranger, Archives and Records Professional, Aquarist, Library Professional, Maintenance Mechanic, Artist Illustrator, Historic Interpreter, Information and Communication Specialist, Museum Specialist, Zookeeper, and Interns. 

Candidates seeking additional information should contact human resources at employment@ncdcr.gov.