Finding Love at the Library

You might have seen some national coverage of a Southern Pines wedding proposal last week. The proposal was unique because of Paul Phillips, the groom-to-be, proposed by writing a book for his fiancé and leading to discover it and the public library in town. Here's how it happened, according to the Southern Pines Public Library's Facebook page:

We're delighted that Paul and Erika have begun their journey down the path to matrimony at the Southern Pines Public Library. It is heartwarming not only to see how committed they are to each other, but to learn how important reading to her nieces and nephews is to Erika.Over the past two years, the Library’s involvement in Southern Pines Grows Great Readers Campaign for Grade-Level Reading has strengthened its ties with other community groups in efforts to ensure that all children learn to read. Seeing this example of a young couple’s love of books and reading as a way of telling their own story inspires us to continue to work for literacy in our community. For young children it's especially vital: now they're learning to read, and soon they'll be reading to learn.This occasion is also such a nice way to start the Library’s theme for the year: Growing Community. Paul's chosen way of proposing in the first place was to write a book, but he didn't simply publish the book and give it to Erika. He choose the public library as the place to take this significant step. This was not just a separate, private moment to themselves, but it took place literally within the community. As a gathering place for the community, we are glad that Paul and Erika felt comfortable coming to the Library.
Thank you, Paul and Erika, for sharing this important part of your life with the Library and the community. In your words and actions you have embodied some core values of the Southern Pines community that the Library supports—love of reading and “engagement” with the community. You spoke about your hope to have children and to bring them to the Library, so we look forward to seeing your family often. Best wishes for your life together.


What a great story! The book that Phillips composed has already garnered more than 100,000 views. You can read it on Imugr here.

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